Commissionerate Police advises people to follow these 5 steps to stay safe from hackers

Bhubaneswar: In today’s digital era, there are high chances of people falling prey to the hackers. The hackers play very smart to make people fall into their prey. They hack the digital platforms of the people and cleverly steal either the digital data, information or money from the bank accounts. Amid such growing number of cases, the Twin-City Cuttack and Bhubaneswar Commissionerate Police has advised people to become smarter to avoid falling prey to cybercrimes and stay safe.

Apart from advising people to become smarter, the city police has appealed the people to follow five steps and become smarter as the hackers are smart.

People have to stay informed and stay safe. For this, they must follow the following tips:

Tips-1: Strong Passwords:

  • Make the password strong and unique. Avoid using easy-to-guess things like birthdays or ‘password123.’ Mix it up with letters, numbers and symbols.

Tips-2: Update your devices:

  • Updates your devices to keep them secure. Always update your apps, software and devices. It’s an extra layer of protection.

Tips-3: Two-factor authentication:

  • Enable 2FA whenever you can. This way, even if someone guesses your password, they still need that second key.

Tips-4: Wi-Fi Awareness:

  • Public Wi-Fi can be like crowded streets. Avoid sensitive transaction on public networks. If you need to use a virtual private network (VPN) for that extra layer of security.

Tips-5:  Click with caution:

  • Think before you click on links or download attachment, scammers use tricks, but you can outsmart them by staying alert.

The city Commissionerate Police conducts annual Cyber Awareness Campaign every year. It said that the awareness campaign reportedly reached 65 schools and colleges in 2022-2023 and impacted over 50,000 students under its jurisdiction.

The city police reaffirmed its commitment to create a safer online space for all by creating a vigilant cyber-aware community. Stay informed, stay safe!

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