Chandan Jatra of Goddess Sarala in Odisha’s Jagatsinghpur held

Jagatsinghpur: The 21 day long famous Chandan Jatra of Jhankadabasini Goddess Sarala has come to an end.  In the culture of Lord Jagannath the Chandan Jatra of many deities commences from the Akshay Trutiya. Likewise, the Chandan Jatra of Maa Sarala, the prime deity of Jagatsinghpur in Odisha began on Akshay Trutiya earlier this month and came to an end.

As per the traditions the representative God of Maa Sarala is ceremonially taken to the Chandan Puskarini for boating to get rid of the scorching heat during the summer. And she takes rest in the Kundi temple situated in the middle of the pond. These rituals continue for 21 days during the Chandan Jatra.

Every day during this festival, the rituals like Mangala Alati, Marjana, Adabhalagi, Baladhupa are done in the morning. In the noon Madanmohan, the Chalanti Pratima (representative idol) of Goddess Sarala is made to sit on a decorated palanquin and taken to the Chandan pond  in a procession amid Alata, Chamara, fireworks and sound of bells, kahali and bherituri along with devotees.

At the Lord Ganesh temple of the Chandan Puskarini the Madanamohana is made to sit on the boat. Then, the holy boating goes on while the servitors sing Geeta Govinda and other hymns and devotional songs along with music.

Every day during the Chandan festival, the Goddess is taken for boating while she takes rest in the Kundi temple and returns to her original abode at the night. Like the Earth revolves around the Sun, the Goddess revolves around the Kundi temple 21 times during the festival.

As per the devotees, the festival is being observed here since long years. The Goddess is Param Vaishnavi. She takes the attire of Lord Jagannath on every no-moon day. Basil and Bel leaves are offered to the Goddess while her representative idol Madan Mohan is taken for the boating.

As per belief, wishes are fulfilled after getting a glimpse of Goddess Sarala during the Chandan Jatra. For the last two years the festival was being held without devotees due to the pandemic. This year for the first time after the pandemic the festival was organised amid presence of devotees.

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