Can You Imagine? Woman who was missing for two years found floating in the sea; Watch Video


An incident has emerged from the South American country of Colombia, in which it is difficult to believe the people there. Actually a woman was missing here for the last two years, she did not have any contact with her family after that. The woman left home two years ago, upset over her husband’s violent behavior. Now two years later, something like this has happened, which is surprising everyone. The woman has been found floating in the water for so long. The woman says that she was trying to submerge herself in water but God has protected her.

The family had no idea where the woman was and how she was. The woman was now found floating on Atlantico, about a mile away from a beach in Puerto Colombia, on September 26.

The woman has been identified as Angelica Gayton. A fisherman named Ronaldo Visbal came to know about the 46-year-old woman, whom he found in a very weak state. Visbal has saved Angelica floating in the sea for eight hours.

Watch Video (Facebook, Rolando Visbal Lux)

Withstood domestic violence for 20 years

When Angelica was taken out, she told the local media that she had jumped into the sea to kill herself. She had been facing domestic violence at the hands of her ex-husband for the past 20 years and wanted to end herself. Her husband had distanced her from family and friends. After which she started thinking about committing suicide. Colombia’s news site La Libertad said the fisherman saw someone in the sea in a troubled state. Initially seeing the woman as a wood from afar, but when they went and saw it, there was a woman who was shaking her hands for help.

Wearing a lifesaver

The fisherman has also shared videos of the incident on his Facebook account. In the video, Visbal first speaks in Spanish, but the woman can understand so he starts speaking in English. Angelica, who was drowning in the water, was wearing a lifesaver and the fishermen later lay them in their boat. Then Visbal gives water to Angelica, and then she starts crying. Visbal tries to talk to them.

‘I’m born again’

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According to reports, Angelica was swimming in the water for the last eight hours. She was very nervous. After which she was taken to the hospital for treatment. Upon arriving safely at the hospital, Angelica stated that her decision to jump into the sea was wrong. God has protected her during this eight hours. She says, ‘I have been born again, thank God. If I had any opportunity or help, I would never take that decision. But now I am thankful to God because he has given me a new opportunity to move forward. ‘

Husband tried to kill!

Angelica said that her ex-husband used to beat her badly even when she was pregnant. He also used to speak abusive words. When she became pregnant for the second time, all this continued and she was not able to come out of it all because her daughters were small. At times, she also filed a complaint against her husband, but the police used to take her for only 24 hours. He used to come back home and beat her up. At that time, her husband used to lock the door of the house and would not let them go to the bathroom. In this 20-year relationship, her ex-husband beat her a lot and also tried to kill her in September 2018.

Roamed in the streets for six months

After suffering for so long, she left home two years ago and roamed in the streets for six months. She then found refuge in a women’s shelter. But here in the shelter, she was harassed. Angelica further states that when she went to take a bath, the women of the shelter used to turn off the water. These women used to add soapy water to the juice. Whereas she would not have done anything wrong to be treated like this. The police then drove her out of the shelter. She then tried to commit suicide on Friday.

‘I didn’t get help from anyone’

She says she did not want to survive after being evicted from the shelter. With the help of a woman, she bought a bus ticket and then came to the sea. She said, ‘I wanted to end everything, I didn’t get help from anyone, not even from my family because this man had thrown me out of my social circle, that’s why I didn’t want to be alive.’

What did Angelica’s daughter say?

Angelica’s daughter says she had no news about her mother for the past two years. She says that her mother thought of committing suicide due to their broken relationship and the news of the attack by the former husband is false. Both Angelica’s daughters are now depositing money to take their mother to home in the capital Bogota, and they hope the family will take care of Angelica.

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