BJD registers landslide success in Odisha Panchayat Polls 2022

Bhubaneswar: The ruling Biju Janata Dal (BJD) has registered landslide success in the Odisha Panchayat elections 2022. The CM Naveen Patnaik headed party has got success in all the districts while the opponent BJP and Congress are too far and limited to two digit numbers in getting the Zilla Parishad seats.

The BJD has gained 288 Zilla Parishad seats more in 2022 Panchayat Polls. In 2017, BJD won 476 ZP seats and now 764 Zilla Parishads so far. BJP has lost 255 ZP seats in 2022. In 2017 BJP won 297 and now 42 while Congress seats reduced from 60 to 38. BJP and Congress lose 277 ZP seats & BJD gains 288 ZPs. And hence BJD scripts a new record.

In Balangir BJD had won 8 seats in the 2017 polls. This time the number has increased to 26 while BJP has come down from 23 to 4. In Bargarh BJD had won 9 seats in 2017. Now, the number has raised to 27. BJP has come down from 25 to 7. In Kalahandi BJD has taken a huge leap from 1 to 33 seats. BJP had won 23 seats in the 2017 polls here and this time got only 2 seats.

In Sambalpur the number of seats for BJD has increased from 5 in 2017 to 16 in the recent polls. On the other hand, BJP had to be satisfied with only two seats while in the earlier polls the party had got 13 seats.

Similarly, in Subarnapur the seats for BJD have increased from 3 to 11 while BJP came down from 10 to 1. And polls result of Mayurbhanj is shocking. In 2017, out of the 56 ZP seats BJP had got 49; this time BJP did not get a single seat here. Rather, BJD has got 50 seats while in the last poll it had got merely 5 seats.

The BJP has come down from the 297 mark to around 50. Besides, in 10 districts the saffron party has not got even a single seat.

The districts where earlier BJD had stronghold have become stronger for the party. The party has registered hundred per cent success in Bhadrak and Jajpur districts. None of the seats were left for others. In Ganjam district, out of the 69 seats BJD has won in 68. In Cuttack district, BJD has got 45 seats out of 46 while in Kendrapara BJD has got 31 seats out of 32. Similarly, in Jagatsinghpur BJD got 25 seats out of 26 or leading now.

In South Odisha, in Koraput Congress came up with good show but in all other places it failed. In fifteen districts Congress did not get any single seat. In Jharsuguda district Congress had got 8 ZP seats. This time BJD has earned clean sweep by getting all the 9 seats.

Panchayat elections 2022 will remain in history as the no other parties could stand in front of the strong Naveen Patnaik wave. Out of the 853 seats, all the oppositions and independent candidates together are likely to be away from touching the three digit mark in lieu of seat numbers.

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