Bizzare ! 22-year-old man elopes, marries stepmother, father lodges complaint

Rudrapur: In a bizzare incident, a woman allegedly married her 22-year-old son in Bazpur in Uttarakhand’s Udham Singh Nagar.

A complaint was lodged by a 55-year-old man named Indraram, in which he alleged that his wife married her son from her first husband and took away Rs 20,000 from the house.

Indraram said in the police complaint that he had been married to a woman called Babli for eleven years. Her first husband left her with two boys when she married Indraram. Indraram and Babli have three children together.

When Indraram went to get back her wie Babli, he realised that she has gotten married to his son and was residing with him. She then refused to be back with her husband.

According to a police official, the case has been opened for investigation.

  1. Roshan Raj Anand says

    The Hindus blame muslims marrying close relatives but never marry real sister or mother .In this case he must be Go rakshak calling cow mata but father sand awara pashu .the boy shoed true nature of animal who don’t make difference between real sisters or mother . Beware calling cow mata or you will become sand .

  2. Fernanda Pereira Figueiro says

    Very badly written’s very confusing, the headline says “stepmother” in the text it says it’s the woman’s son from first marriage which are completely different things..improve your writing skills

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