Beware! Police intensify vehicle checking; 207 e-challans issued, Rs 2,39,000 fine collected in 24 hrs

Cuttack: Beware if you are not following the rules of the Motor Vehicle Act. You might be caught at any time and a hefty fine also might be imposed on you. This may also result seizure of your vehicle and suspension of your Driving Licence (DL). Police in Cuttack City has intensified vehicle checking and issued a total of 207 e-challans and collected a fine of Rs 2,39,000 in the last 24 hours.

According the Commissionerate Police is continuing the MV enforcement, night blocking and checking of vehicles in Cuttack Urban Police District (UPD).

As result of checking in last 24 hours, the city police issued 207 e-challans after checking as many as 248 vehicles. They also imposed a fine of Rs 2,39,000 against the 207 e-challans.

Likewise, a total of three vehicles were seized while the two DLs were suspended in the last 24 hours.

On February 27 too, similar MV enforcement, night blocking and checking of vehicles was done in the Cuttack UPD during which 399 e-challans were issued and 462 vehicles were checked.

Fine to the tune of Rs 4,37,000 was imposed. A total of 4 vehicles were also seized under drunken driving cases and 1 Driving License was suspended.

Meanwhile, people have been advised to wear helmets, seatbelts, and follow all the traffic rules not just to avoid fine under the MV Act but for their own and other’s safety.

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