Beware! Cybercriminals have found new means to loot, send lucky draw coupons through speed post

Bhubaneswar: Beware! The cybercriminals have found out a new means to loot from people. Now they send lucky draw coupons through speed post and loot the people. Once such incident has come to the fore from Bhubaneswar.

According to reports, one Deepak Mishra and his wife Smitarani Mishra from Chandrasekharpur area in Bhubaneswar had reportedly purchased something by using an online app recently. Yesterday, the received speed post orders.

The couple was surprised after finding two lucky draw coupons of Rs 10 lakh and Rs 1 lakh inside the speed post orders. Out of curiosity, they attempted to redeem the prize money but later they realized that it was fraud.

“We had ordered something online. Some days later, we got two speed post orders. When we opened we got lucky draw coupons of Rs 10 and Rs 1 lakh. However, we were asked to send a particular code through a text message to the phone number given in the coupons through the phone number linked to the bank account. In reply, we received a text message asking us to send the bank account details,” said Deepak while narrating the fraud to the newsmen.

“A day after sending the bank details we received a phone call from an unknown person who said that the documents have been verified and we need to pay 1 per cent of Rs 11 lakh to get the luck draw money. I asked the man to deduct the1 per cent from the lucky draw money and send the rest and when I questioned him about the reason of paying the 1 per cent, he knew that I am not going to fall into his prey, he started scolding me without any reason and even used slangs.

Deepak further said that from the beginning only I knew it was a fraud so I had given the bank details of the account where I had very little money. “We should be vigilant as this kind of offline fraud also is going on apart from the online frauds,” he advised while saying that he will report the matter to the police and a proper investigation based on the address mentioned in the speed post orders and the phone numbers given in the coupon can lead to the arrest of the accused persons.

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