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AC helmet for traffic police in Bhubaneswar to help beat the scorching heat

Bhubaneswar: AC helmets for traffic police in Bhubaneswar have been introduced to help the Traffic police personnel standing at the check posts of various traffic stops in the city in this sweltering heat.

Reports say that, Commissioner Sanjeeb Panda, DCP Traffic PK Rout and ACP Sarat Kumar Sahu started the distribution of these special AC helmets. Earlier this week, similar helmets were introduced in Vadodara of Gujrat, said reliable reports.

This initiative has been designed to help the traffic cops cope up with the soaring temperatures prevailing in the city. These helmets come equipped with a special built-in feature. This feature is a fan system that can help combat the scorching heat.

A wire connects the helmet with a battery. The battery is stored in a pouch and worn around the officer’s waist. These battery powered helmets offers protection in multiple ways. It shields the eyes and nose from dust pollution and sun. The helmet comes with a protective glass that covers the face up to the nose.

Further it is worth mentioning that, a few helmets will be tried initially then if they are found to be useful, larger quantities shall be ordered. A constant check shall be kept on any signs of discomfort shown due to these helmets.

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