10 persons from Odisha detained at Bangkok airport

Bhubaneswar: As many as 10 persons from the state of Odisha in India have been detained at Bangkok airport by the Thailand authorities on Saturday morning, informed one Kailash Agrawal – a relative of one detained person.

Over 50 persons from India have reportedly been detained at Bangkok airport, Twitterati responded.

Speaking to Kalinga TV, Agrawal said that his nephew with a group of 40 youths visited Thailand for tourism purpose. They reached Bangkok this morning. However, the airport authorities have detained Indian tourists.

The tourists from Odisha had travelled to Thailand with the help of a tourist agency and they carried all required documents with them, Agrawal added saying the reasons for detention was unknown.

Meanwhile, people from various quarters have requested the Indian Embassy to look into the matter and help the innocent tourists.

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