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Woman stabbed to death, husband and son critically injured in Delhi


In a bizarre incident a woman was killed and her husband and son critically injured merely for a minor issue in Khyala area of West Delhi. The victims were allegedly stabbed multiple times by their neighbour. The victims Sunita (35), Viru (41) and Akash were rushed to the Guru Gobind Singh Hospital at Khyala, where Sunita was declared brought dead while the other two are struggling for life.

Unbelievably, the scuffle began merely for a bottle of water. As per reports, a couple of days back once when Sunita’s daughter was returning home from school, accidentally poured some water from her water bottle on the accused Md. Azad (40) for which he got angry and the two families were on fight since then. Responding to the issue on Wednesday Sunita’s son Akash went to the house of Azad and kicked the door of his house. Being angry with this Azad came out with a big knife and went on stabbing Sunita and her family members and fled from the scene.

As per Police reports, the two families were living front to front. In the scuffle while belly portion of both the father and the son have been severely cut, Sunita got killed. It is highly unbelievable that a minor issue can bring so much havoc.

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