WATCH: Dogs chase away leopard in Maharashtra’s Nashik

A CCTV footage captures a leopard sneaking into a residence's lawn area and attempting to attack a sleeping dog near the main door.

Nashik: In a daring display of courage, two vigilant dogs thwarted a leopard’s attempt to attack two sleeping animals outside a residence in the Adgaon Shivar area of Nashik. The remarkable incident was captured on a CCTV camera, leaving residents astonished at the bravery of their furry defenders.

The jaw-dropping footage revealed how the stealthy leopard sneaked into the lawn area of a residence, targeting a dog peacefully snoozing outside the main door. However, the predator’s cunning plan was foiled as another vigilant dog woke up and immediately unleashed a barrage of barks, alerting its furry companion to the impending danger.

Without hesitation, both dogs fearlessly confronted the wild cat, giving it no choice but to retreat hastily. Witnesses were amazed to see the powerful display of canine bravery in the face of a formidable foe.

Moments after its first failed attempt, the tenacious leopard returned to the scene, seemingly undeterred. However, the dogs were relentless in protecting their territory, launching a second fierce attack and forcing the bewildered big cat to flee once again.


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Speaking to ANI, Vrishali Gade, a dedicated officer from the Forest Department, shared insights into the incident. The compound area of the bungalow, where the leopard entered, belongs to Prabhavkar Manude, the owner of the residence. Gade suggested that the leopard may have ventured from a nearby field area, and authorities, in collaboration with the Forest Department, have initiated measures to set up a secure cage to contain the elusive predator.

Fortunately, there have been no reports of the leopard posing a threat to any residents in the Adgaon Shivar area. However, locals remain on high alert, aware of the presence of the majestic yet potentially dangerous visitor.

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