Police find Son guilty of Killing his parents and sister in Vasantkunj triple murder

Police have finally found the son guilty in the triple murder case of Vasantkunj in Delhi. Though it seems unbelievable it was found in the investigation that 19 year old Suraj had murdered his father, mother and sister on October 10 last year.  After the incident he pretended that the murder was committed by miscreants and fled the scene. However, as police found difference between his statement and the crime scene, doubt rose against Suraj. He was trying to mislead the investigation but finally the truth was cracked.

On October 10, when a domestic helper arrived at the said house, he saw that the body of Mithilesh, his wife and daughter was lying on the floor. The injured son was also lying on the floor nearby. The domestic helper only gave information about the massacre to the people around them. Suraj had also injured himself for misleading the police. He had left the door open for the house, so that it would appear that the miscreants who came from outside have committed the crime. According to police, the condition of the son improved only after treatment in the hospital. He said in the inquiry that two miscreants entered the house who executed the massacre. However, police did not find any blood mark in the balcony in the investigation. According to Police, Suraj murdered his parents and sister alone. There was no incident like robbery in the house. Police have filed the charge sheet in Patiala House Court in the killing of his mother, father and sister at Vasant Kunj in Delhi on October 10, 2018.

Why Suraj committed the crime? Why he killed his father and mother? As per the report, Suraj had fallen in the company of bad guys. He had turned into a drug edict. Along with his friends he had taken a flat on rent where all of them were enjoying themselves. Even girls used to visit this place. After his father knew about it, he nagged his son. Probably it was the reason for which the 19 year old decided to murder his father. On the fateful day the family took their dinner and went to bed. Everything was normal, but Suraj had planned everything. He first attacked his father and repeatedly stabbed him till he died. Later he also killed his mother and sister. After committing the crime he cut his hands to mislead the investigation. However, as in the investigation process all doubt rose against him, finally he admitted that he had committed the crime.

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