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Being ‘Selfie Bebo’ was the cause of Simran’s Death!

It is rightly said, “Everything is fair in love and war.” Love is above the reach of caste, creed and colour. No one knows when they fall in love. Yet, at times, love turns the sole cause of death. The love birds hardly know the destiny of their love as was in the case of Selfie Bebo, Simran.

Selfie Bebo is just a character; it has neither a heart nor a mind. It can only entertain the audience on the stage/screen. But Simran was a family girl and had always dreamt of having her own family with hubby Juga Suna which the later could never understand. As a result, Simran’s dead body was found on January 3 under Mahanadi Bridge near Hirakud Station of Goiramatha.

Samabalpuri item girl Simran Singh was born on 16 November 2001 at Angul. Her schooling started in Angul and later continued in Jharsuguda. She was offered to act in music albums while still in schools and started her acting career. Albums like Selfie Bebo, Rimjhim Pani, Rickshaw Bala etc brought her overnight success and she turned the Sambalpuri album queen.

While pursuing career in the album industry, she comes in contact with Juga Suna of Belpada towards whom she gets physically attracted. With the passing time she ties the knot with Suna despite disapproval from her family. Juga’s uncle Ruku Suna makes all arrangements for their marriage.

However, merely after a few days of the marriage Juga tried to avoid Simran while Simran was still interested to carry forward the relation. And hence she had to pay a lot. Her in-laws started torturing her physically and finally she left from there as things crossed the limit. 

Finally, Simran filed an FIR against her husband in Jharsuguda Police Station in April 2018 which was mutually solved. But Simran was not given the right as a daughter-in-law and it resulted in separation of the two. On the other hand, Juga’s family arranged for her second marriage which Simran protested and her family complained that it is the most possible cause of her death.

It’s already 10 days since Simaran died. Everyone grieves for her death. But Simran’s mother says “Simran would not have died had she not been selfie Bebo.” Simran is no more, but  is still missed by all her fans and the Sambalpuri album industry.

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