Post twin towers demolition, 45 lakh litres water used to remove dust

Noida: After the demolition of the Twin Towers, now the cleaning work is in full swing. Sweepers from Noida Authority have been continuously working since Sunday evening to remove the dust and soil in the buildings around the demolished Twin Towers.

So far, 450 tankers of water have been used to make neighbouring Supertech Emerald and ATS societies dust-free. The water is also being sprayed using anti-smog guns.

According to the information received from the authority, the capacity of a tanker is about 10,000 litres. In such a situation, 45 lakh litres of water has been used so far. Work is still going on at many places. As thick layer of dust had accumulated all around, especially in the surrounding green belt, work for removing it from the trees and roads is in full swing.

The authority wants to complete this work as soon as possible. Because if the wind is strong, then even after repeated cleaning, the accumulated dust can cause problems for the people. Due to this dust, people may have to face irritation in the eyes, respiratory problems and skin diseases. The gunpowder used in this blast and cement particles have scattered all around the towers.


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