Nirbhaya case: Tihar admin prefers Pawan for execution

New Delhi, Jan 9 (IANS) With only a few days left for the execution of the four convicts in the Nirbhaya gang rape and murder case, Tihar jail directorate has once again written to the Uttar Pradesh jail directorate expressing its preference for Pawan Jallad for execution.

In a secret letter written, the Tihar jail directorate has asked the UP jail directorate to find out a trained hangman for the execution of the convicts in the Nirbhaya case. It has also asked about the availability of Pawan Jallad.

This is for the second time in last 20 days when the Tihar jail directorate has contacted the UP jail directorate. The letter also has the mention of the death warrant available with the Tihar jail directorate.

Sources from the Tihar jail said: “There are many reasons why Tihar jail administration wants Pawan to conduct the execution.”

The main reason is that he comes from the family of executioners so there will be minimum chances of any mistakes. Secondly, he is physically fit and his eyesight is also fine as per the requirement.

The security arrangements for Pawan will also be secret. In case the UP jail administration is not able to provide him security then it can be taken care by the Tihar jail administration. Apart from this, Meerut is not too far from Delhi so it would not take much time for Pawan to reach Tihar jail.

Tihar jail DG Sandeep Goyal on Wednesday told IANS: “The order of the Delhi court has been given to the convicts whereas the death warrant will remain with the administration. The order copy given to the convicts has mention of the death warrant.”

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