India’s rich education system is carrier of nation’s prosperity, says PM Modi

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said Delhi University has played a major role in creating a strong generation of talented youngsters, and that India’s rich education system is the carrier of the nation’s prosperity.

Addressing the gathering during Valedictory Ceremony of Centenary Celebrations of the University of Delhi, PM Modi said the contributions of the personalities which have emerged out of the University give a glimpse of the life of Delhi University.

Earlier, PM Modi took a metro ride to reach the University. He also interacted with the students during the journey. Upon arriving, the Prime Minister took a walk-through of the exhibition – ‘Journey of 100 Years of the University’. He was the chief guest of the Valedictory Ceremony of Centenary Celebrations here.

PM Modi pointed out that there were only three colleges under Delhi University when it began but today there are more than 90 colleges under it. He also underlined that India which was once considered a fragile economy and has now become one of the top 5 economies in the world. Note worthy, the number of women studying at DU is more than men, the Prime Minister pointed out that the gender ratio has significantly improved in the country.

The PM said, “If during these hundred years, DU has kept its emotions alive, it has kept its values vibrant too”.

Underscoring the importance of knowledge, the PM noted that when India had vibrant universities like Nalanda and Takshila, it was at the peak of prosperity. “India’s rich education system is the carrier of India’s prosperity,” he said, underlining the high Indian share in the global GDP of that time. Continuous attacks during the period of slavery destroyed these institutions leading to obstruction of the intellectual flow of India and bringing the growth to standstill, he added.

He said after Independence, universities played a crucial role in giving concrete shape to the emotional swell of post-independence India by creating a strong generation of talented youngsters. Delhi University too played a major part in that, he said. This understanding of the past gives shape to our existence, shape to our ideals and expansion to the vision of the future, he said.

He emphasized the importance of an interconnection between the resolutions of a University and a nation and said that the deeper the roots of the educational institutions, the higher the progress of the country.

The Prime Minister noted that the goal of Delhi University was India’s independence when it first began, but now that the institution will complete 125 years when India reaches 100 years of Independence, the goal of Delhi University should be to make India a ‘Viksit Bharat’.

“The third decade of the last century gave new momentum to the struggle for India’s Independence, now the third decade of the new century will give impetus to the development journey of India,” PM said.

The Prime Minister emphasized that education is not merely a process of teaching but also a way of learning. He pointed out that after a long time, the focus is shifting to what a student wants to learn. He talked about the flexibility in the new National Education Policy for selecting subjects.

PM said that due to the futuristic educational policies and decisions, recognition of Indian universities is increasing. He informed that while in 2014, in the QS world ranking there were only 12 Indian universities, today this number has reached 45.  He credited India’s youth force as the guiding force for this transformation.

The Prime Minister highlighted the deal on the Initiative on Critical and Emerging Technology or iCET with the US during his recent visit and said it will create new opportunities for the youth of India in various sectors ranging from AI to semiconductors. He said that it will enable access to technologies which were once beyond the reach of our youth and enhance skill development. He informed that companies like Micron, Google, Applied Materials, etc. have decided to invest in India and it provides a glimpse of the bright future for the youth.

“The Industry 4.0 Revolution is knocking on India’s doors,” PM remarked as he noted that technologies like AI, AR and VR which could only be witnessed in the movies have now become a part of our real lives. He noted that Robotics has become the new normal from driving to surgery and said that all these sectors are creating new avenues for the young generation of India.

He asked Delhi University that when they celebrated 125 years, they should figure among the top-ranking universities in the world. “Future making innovations should be done here, world’s best ideas and leaders should emerge from here, for this you will have to work continuously,” the PM said.

Concluding the address, PM Modi emphasized the need to prepare our minds and hearts for a goal that we set for ourselves in life.

Union Minister for Education, Dharmendra Pradhan and Vice Chancellor of University of Delhi Yogesh Singh were present on the occasion.

He also laid the foundation stone of the building for the Faculty of Technology, Computer Centre and Academic Block, to be built in the North Campus of the University.

PM Modi released Commemorative Centenary Volume – Compilation of Centenary Celebrations; Logo Book – Logo of Delhi University and its colleges, and Aura – 100 Years of University of Delhi.

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