Heated Exchange in Greater Noida Housing Society as Guard Asks Dog Owner to Exit Lift Due to Child’s Fear, Watch

A dog owner argue with Guard of a Housing Society as he asks him to exit lift due to child's fear in Greater Noida.

Noida: In the video, recorded at a building within Gaur City Seventh Avenue society in Greater Noida West, a dog owner engaged in an argument with a society guard regarding the use of the elevator. The guard asked the owner to step out, explaining that a child inside the lift was reportedly scared to be in the presence of the German shepherd. The dog owner responded by insisting that the child should leave the elevator if they were frightened, questioning why he should wait.

Following this, a woman from the same society intervened, supporting the child’s discomfort and urging the dog owner to take a different lift. The dog owner remained steadfast, emphasizing compliance with all rules and highlighting that his dog was muzzled. He questioned the child’s fear, asserting that the child should alight and wait for the next trip if scared.

The situation escalated further when the woman threatened to record the entire conversation and repeatedly asked for the dog owner’s flat number. Eventually, the man decided to use another lift and left with his dog.

The video has evoked mixed reactions on social media, with users expressing varying opinions on the incident. Some defended the dog owner, highlighting that the dog was muzzled and under control, questioning the need for the woman’s agitation. Others viewed the owner’s behavior as concerning, emphasizing the child’s wellbeing over the dog owner’s pride.

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In a related incident last month, a woman and a six-month-old child were severely injured after a pet dog attacked them inside the lift of a residential society in Gurugram, underscoring the need for responsible pet ownership and safety precautions.

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