4 terrorists killed in joint operation in J&K’s Poonch

Four terrorists were killed in a joint operation by security forces conducted in the Sindhara area of Poonch in the early hours of Tuesday.

Jammu and Kashmir: Security forces have killed four terrorists in a joint operation conducted in the Sindhara area of Poonch. The encounter began last night at around 11:30 pm and continued into the early hours of today.

Following the initial engagement between security forces and the terrorists, drones were deployed to monitor the situation closely.

At dawn, the operation resumed, witnessing a heavy exchange of gunfire between the security forces and the militants.

The operation involved a coordinated effort by various security units, including the Indian Army’s Special Forces, Rashtriya Rifles, and Jammu and Kashmir Police troops, along with support from other forces.

While the identity of the terrorists has not been officially confirmed, Indian Army officials suggest that they are likely to be foreign militants. Further investigations are underway to ascertain their identities and affiliations.



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