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What to eat in a party to keep you healthy

What to eat in a party to keep you healthy? Generally, during parties many of us don’t make a plan to choice food and eat. Rather we just consume something to satisfy our craving for food. However, think if due to wrong choice of food in a party we would fall sick later it will spoil all the good memories that we garner during the party. May it be a wedding, a sacred thread ceremony, a birthday party or an office party, if we are having food by properly choosing keeping in mind our health factor, it will make our good memories of the party to last long.

During a party fill half of your buffet plate with non-starchy, low-calorie vegetables like broccoli and spinach. Also choose to take only small amount of carbs such as rice and chapatti. Yet, you should consume some foods that are rich with protein. That means, you can take eggs, chicken, soya and dal as per your hunger.

It is suggested that sip some water before the feast. It will help you to distinguish between hunger and thirst.

Besides, whatever you are eating, make it a point to chew the food properly. It will give you more taste and you can enjoy each bite.

Besides the general food, in some parties you may have the options of a wide varieties of food. If there is an option of whole grains like oats, whole wheat, jowar, bajra and millets you can have these.

These are nutritional foods and are perfect for boosting overall metabolic health. Besides, these foods are packed with essential vitamins minerals and phytochemicals which provide essential nourishment to your hair and skin.

Also embrace a nutritious diet rich in vegetables and whole fruits to boost your fibre and micronutrient intake.

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