Trying to lose weight by not eating is a very wrong thing to do! Know why

Trying to lose weight by not eating is the worse one can do to his body and health. In the process, one might even gain weight more than ever.

While a majority of people would love to cut down a few kilograms in a click, it is very important to know the right ways to do it. A right diet would be an apt solution to the concern. However, many a time, people confuse dieting with not eating. thinking to lose weight by not eating is the worse thing one can do to oneself. Starving or eating very little can in fact have adverse effects on our health and body. Scroll to know what!

1. Lower body metabolism

With the intake of minimal calories, body metabolism will automatically slow down as the body will try to conserve the maximum possible energy. During long-term calorie deprivation in your body, your body shall begin to use its fat stored as a primary energy source and muscle and skeletal tissues as a secondary energy source.

2. Impact on mental health

In severe cases of starvation, prolonged ones can develop into an eating disorder, medically termed anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, or binge eating disorder. Eating disorders are likely to be classified into mental health as they involve harmful dieting behaviors that might cause damage to one’s mental health.

3. Burning of lean muscles

Without proper calorie intake, the human body will likely start burning the lean muscles and the skeletal tissues for energy.

4. Gain in weight

One major drawback of trying to lose weight by not eating is that once you start taking regular meals again, you are most likely to regain the weight that was lost. While one might surely cut down on a few kilograms by not eating, they are to gain weight at a pace, faster than earlier. That is because of your body getting used to a very low-calorie intake. The regular calorie intake shall be considered as ‘extra’ by your body and get converted into stored fats.


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