Seven Yoga exercise to help get rid of acne scars

Yoga exercises can greatly benefit people with acne conditions, read further to know 7 yoga asanas that can help achieve glowing skin

Soft acne-free skin is a dream of many. However, puberty, unhealthy eating habits, reactions to medicines, and many more can be the reason for bad acne. Even though one gets rid of the bumps, the scars left behind are just too difficult to clear out.

Not many know but yoga exercises can greatly benefit people with acne conditions. Read further to know about seven such yoga asanas that can not only reverse acne but also help get a clean and glowy face.


Pranayama helps control stress, which further helps in regulating acne. It improves health, increases mindfulness, improves lung function, and reduces cigarette cravings. These factors triggers acne skin, and when pranayama helps improve such conditions, it indirectly heals the bumps and the healthy blood circulation clears the marks.


This asana help in relief from constipation, improving one’s gut health. Hence, reducing the acne condition that prompts due to stomach related problems. It is one of the most effective yoga poses that helps in achieving glowing skin by getting rid of toxins naturally in no time. By resolving digestive issues, it blesses one with radiant complexion.


This asana has been proved to be beneficial for people dealing with acne marks. This pose helps with better blood circulation aiding in removing free radicals from the body. It helps with premature ageing, acne, psoriasis and helps in improving one’s overall skin and body health.


Chakrasana aka the wheel pose improves spinal flexibility, increases strength, and may even improve blood glucose levels among people with type 2 diabetes. It helps in expanding lungs to get more oxygen intake which is beneficial, especially for people with asthma. Other than that, it helps in reduction of stress and tension in the body. All these factors contribute to a healthy mind and body, hence, improving one’s skin condition.

As a bonus, chakrasana plays a part in sharpening eyesight.


Sarvangasana is helpful to completely relax one’s mind and body, which helps in dealing with acne scars. This pose helps improve the texture and quality of the skin by promoting blood circulation around the face, hence rejuvenating the blood cells.

To sum it up, it helps get rid of acne, wrinkles, fine lines and dullness.


Padmasana, otherwise known as the Lotus pose, is a magical posture that instantly reduces stress levels as it regulates a healthy blood flow. A lower stress level enhances mental health, leading to beautiful skin.


In this asana one stretches their muscle, which helps stimulate the stomach and abdomen. This helps in digestion which in turn reflects well on the skin. The asana also stretches the muscles of face and throat, which helps in getting rid of that double chin.

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