Recipe: Craving for some desserts? Make some delicious Chamcham

We often have sweet cravings, especially after getting a glimpse of them. The dessert chamcham is one among the many mouthwatering delicacies. One bite of it is never enough, the tongue just wants more of the luscious sweetmeat.

It is to be noted that jaggery can be used as a substitute for sugar in making Chamcham. It not only improves its flavour but also is helps in keeping the weight under control.
Here’s an easy recipe to make these delightfully tasty sweet.

Ingredients required

  • Paneer – 300 g
  • Flour – 2 tsp
  • Green cardamom powder – 2 ts
  • Sugar – one and a half cups
  • Condensed milk – 200 g
  • Yellow color – 1.5 tsp
  • Water – 2 cups
  • Sliced pista for garnishing


Method of Preparation

  • First heat 3 to 4 cups of water in a pan over medium heat
  • Now add sugar to it and mix the sugar completely with water.
  • Add the yellow colour to the sugar syrup once it has become dense.
  • Keep in mind that you want the sugar syrup to be medium dense therefore, keep the flame moderate.
  • Put paneer and flour in a bowl and combine. Mix thoroughly before forming into small, oval-shaped balls.
  • Place these balls in sugar syrup and simmer for a while over a low heat. When it’s done, turn off the flame and keep it aside.
  • Remove the oval-shaped balls from the sugar syrup once it has cooled, and let it come to room temperature.
  • Now thoroughly combine the cardamom powder and condensed milk in a bowl. Well-apply it over the soaked cheese balls with a spoon.
  • Garnish it with chopped pista and serve it at room temperature or cool them as you choose.


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