Railways gave a big gift to passengers! Clone trains will continue to run

The cloned train service operating in the midst of the Corona crisis has received good response from passengers. The railways will run clone trains for passengers even after the Corona crisis. It has been said by the Railway Ministry that the cloned trains will continue to run even after the Corona crisis.

The Railway Ministry has stated that the use of cloned trains has proved successful during Covid time and in view of its success, it has been decided that the railway will continue to operate the cloned trains even after Covid.

According to the Railway Board Chairman, the use of the clone train has been successful so far and on the basis of this, it has been decided that the clone train will continue to run even after Covid.

Indian Railways has stated that currently, clone trains fill around 72% to 80%. Typically, clone trains are run on the route where the waiting list ticket is more than 150%.

Let us tell you that the clone is the second train running according to the name and name of any original train. This train runs on the route of the original train, although its stops are less, but passengers on busy routes get more chances to get confirmed tickets.

It is known that the railway started operating clone trains from September. During this time a total of 20 pairs of clone trains were approved to run. These trains were started operating on busy routes during the festive season.

(Source: jansatta.com)

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