Pet Dog Swallows Apple AirPods, Doctors Perform Surgery To Remove Them

Apple products are of the best quality. We have heard of Apple iPhones being retrieved from lakes and working fine even after being dipped in the water for years. But, today, we will talk about another interesting incident of Apple AirPods.

In a bizarre incident, a pet dog had swallowed a pair of Apple AirPods along with the charging case. Doctors performed surgery and removed the AirPods, and they are working perfectly fine. The AirPod’s charging case even had the lights on.

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Even, the dog that had swallowed the AirPods is doing well after the surgery. This shocking incident has now become a topic of discussion on social media. It was reported from Willerby, near Hull in the United Kingdom.

According to reports, the pet dog Jimmy swallowed the AirPods of its owner Rachel Hick (22). He found the dog in a frenzied manner while clicking photos for Instagram.

Rachel immediately rushed Jimmy to the vets who went ahead with the surgery plan. The doctors successfully completed the surgery and removed the AirPods.

Now, Jimmy is at home waiting for his surgery stitches to recover so that he can play with his owner once again.

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