Fresh fruit juices are not good for you, know why

Fresh fruit juices are considered to be healthier alternative for a refreshing during this scorching heatwave month. However, studies say that these fresh fruit juice can also have some drawbacks. Know how and why fruit juice can be harmful for human body.

High Sugar Content

Fresh fruit juices contain high level of natural sugars. Juicing it removes fibre and it becomes more sugar concentrated. It would be better if you take it after diluting with water or consume in smaller servings.

Low Fibre Content

Juicing removes fibre present in fruits. These fibres are essential for digestive health and helps in regulating blood sugar level. It would be better if you consume whole fruit regularly to ensure an adequate fibre intake.

Loss of Nutrients

Juicing fresh juice can lead to loss of certain nutrients like vitamins, mineral and antioxidants. In order to get the whole amount of nutrition consider consuming some fruits whole or using methods like blending to preserve more nutrients.

Calorie Density

Fresh juice can be calorie-dense, meaning they contain a significant amount of calories in a small volume. If consumed in more amounts, this can contribute to weight. It would be better if you take it after diluting with water or consume in smaller servings.


Some fruits, specifically citrus fruits can be acidic and can cause digestive discomfort or exacerbate symptoms of acid reflux. If it is causing you issues, try diluting them with water before consuming.

Potential for Contamination

Freshly squeezed juices may contain harmful bacteria if not made in hygienic circumstances. This can also increase the risk of foodborne diseases. If you are drinking juice outside, make sure that the shopkeeper is making the juice in proper hygienic environment. Wash the fruits and vegetables properly before making juice.

Potential for Tooth Decay

Fruit juices have higher amount of sugar which can contribute to tooth decay and cavities if consumed in higher amount. Drinking fruit juice in moderate amount, rinse mouth properly with water after drinking it and maintain good oral hygiene to avoid tooth decay or cavities.

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