If you have pain in these 2 parts of the body, you might have Liver Cancer, Here’s 10 symptoms one should not ignore

Due to spoiled lifestyle and wrong eating habits, cases of liver cancer have been increasing continuously. Likewise, the risk of chronic liver infection also increases due to Hepatitis B and C virus. These infections can later lead to liver cancer. Here are some early symptoms of liver cancer that one should never ignore.

Pain in the right side of the stomach:

Pain in the right side of the stomach is a common symptom of liver cancer. Sometimes it can also be felt in the lower abdomen. One might feel this pain when there is a stretch in the layer of the liver i.e. the Glissonian capsule. This stretching occurs due to the enlargement of the liver tumour. Many times people mistake it for gastric. Try not to neglect it. In women, this pain spreads along the breast line to the right side of the back.

Lump in the stomach:

You might feel a lump in the stomach during liver tumor or liver cancer. Especially on the right side of the stomach. Sometimes you might also feel the presence of fluid in stomach. You should not consider this as obesity.

Right shoulder pain:

If you have pain in your right shoulder then you should be careful. This could be a symptom of liver cancer. Due to tumor there can be pressure on the right diaphragm, due to which this pain occurs. Many times people consider it as normal pain, but it is important to pay attention to it and not ignore such pains.

Jaundice is a big sign:

Jaundice occurs when the skin and eyes turn yellow. This is a sign that the liver is not functioning properly. Many times the urine comes in very dark yellow or black colour and there is also blood in it. This happens due to high levels of bilirubin. All these are symptoms of liver cancer or tumor.

Itching over the body:

Itching is also one of the symptoms of liver cancer. Due to blockage in the bile duct, the bile acid produced by the liver spreads into the blood circulation. Due to which itching starts.

Sudden weight loss:

If your weight is suddenly decreasing without any effort, then you should pay attention to it. This can happen due to liver cancer. Tumor cells produce enzymes, which cause loss of appetite. Many times there is no taste in food and one starts feeling weakness.

Severe nausea with bloating:

When a liver tumor grows large, it puts pressure on the organs around the stomach. If the cancer is in the left lobe, it can cause swelling as well as nausea, vomiting and indigestion.

Trouble breathing:

Sometimes liver cancer causes difficulty in breathing. This happens due to disruption of the diaphragm’s activities. When there is cancer in the right side of the liver, fluid starts accumulating around the lungs, due to which there is difficulty in breathing.

Feeling very tired without any reason:

When you have liver cancer, you start feeling very tired. Due to this your weight also starts reducing rapidly.

Fever with chills:

Due to liver cancer, the balance of bile in the body gets disturbed. Sometimes the flow of bile also stops. In such a situation, the risk of getting an infection called cholangitis also increases. For this reason, the possibility of high fever along with chills increases.

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