Follow These Tips While Drinking Green Tea To Get More Benefits

New Delhi: Green tea is consumed by people worldwide by many ways and for many purposes. Green tea contains plenty of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants which can reduce weight and detox the body.

People love to drink green tea as it refreshes the body and helps to reduce fat and impurities from the body but to get the most benefits from the tea there are some dos and dont’s which one should look out for while drinking green tea.

Dont’s while drinking green tea:

 – Don’t have green tea right after your meal because it can automatically banish all the calories you just had and harms the process of digestion.

Drinking green tea when it is super-hot can hurt your stomach and throat. Drinking hot green tea also makes it tasteless.

-Don’t drink green tea on an empty stomach because Green tea contains strong antioxidants and strong polyphenols which increases the production of stomach acid and can lead to acidity.

Don’t add honey to boiling hot green tea as chances are that the nutritive value of honey will get destroyed.

Taking medicines with green tea can be extremely harmful as the chemical composition of your pill can get mixed with your green tea leading to acidity. So you should take your pills with regular water rather than green tea.

-Don’t drink too many cups of green tea in a day as it can lead to harmful side effects on the body and reduces the iron absorption of the body. As green tea contains caffeine and overdoses of caffeine can lead to headache, lethargy, sluggishness and anxiety.

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Don’t leave the tea leaves for too long in the water as it will not extract more nutrients from the leaves but can become toxic and makes the taste of the tea bitter.

Don’t drink the green tea while you are in a rush as it won’t serve its purpose of giving alertness to your brain and giving the additional benefits of increasing metabolic rate. Drink green tea when you are taking a break.

Don’t add two green tea bags in one cup as it won’t burn extra calories to lose weight but can lead to digestion problems and acidity.

​Do’s while drinking green tea:

Keep your green tea bags in tins or porcelain containers to maintain its taste because the constant exposure of air will decrease the nutritive value of green tea leaves.

– Drink green tea lukewarm or warm for maximum benefits.

– Drink green tea between meals or post having food daily as it can increase metabolism and burn more calories. You can drink 2-3 cups of green tea in a day.

-Add honey instead of sugar when the water is a little warm.

-Drink green tea in the morning for healthy start of your day.

Make your green tea with bottled, mineral or filtered water instead of tap water

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