Bizarre: UP Man Gets Electricity Bill Of Rs 128 Crore!

Lucknow: The Uttar Pradesh Power Department has given an elderly resident of Hapur district an electricity bill amounting to over a hundred crore.

Shamim, a septuagenarian, has received an electricity bill for Rs 1,28,45,95,444 while his power load is merely 2 KiloWatt. The elderly man, who stays with his wife in Chamri village in Hapur, said that he has approached the Electricity Department to rectify the error, but was told by officials to pay the bill or else the electricity will not be reconnected.

“No one listens to our pleas, how will we submit that amount? When we went to complain about it, we were told that they will not resume our electricity supply unless we pay the bill,” he said. Shamim told reports that his monthly electricity bill is around Rs 700 and Rs 800. “But this time, the Electricity Department has given me the bill of the entire city,” he said.

After ANI shared the bizarre incident on Twitter, Ram Sharan, an Assistant Electrical Engineer stated that the cause behind the huge bill “must be a technical fault.”

Seniors officials in Lucknow said they were unaware of the entire Frasca but assured that this could be a technical glitch and would be rectified. However, until this is done, the elderly man and his family will have to go without electricity.

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