Adopted dog walks 64 km back to former owners after being forced to leave them

A Golden Retriever named Cooper proved that his loyalty lies to those who raised him by walking 64 km back to them

“Dogs are a man’s best friend” and these cuddly creatures often prove the proverb right with their loyalty and loving nature. A Golden Retriever named Cooper is just another example of how affectionate dogs are towards their owners and the homes they have grown in.

Reportedly, the rescue dog not only escaped his new owners but also managed to walk 64 miles back to his former home which he was forced to leave.

Yes, you read it right. According to the reports, Cooper went missing for nearly a month right after arriving at his new residence. It was during his estimated 64 km journey from his new home to his previous one.

As per the reports, he spent only a few hours in his new home in Dungannon, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland before managing to escape.

After his previous owners were made to give him up as they were unable to take care of him, Cooper was sent to the kennels. That is when a new family adopted him along with another four-legged friend, Molly. But, little did they know that he was a little too attached to his former place.

According to the new owners, Cooper only stayed for a little while at their place and ran away quickly even before meeting his new roommate. He managed to evade a search party for 25 days. A missing pets charity named Lost Paws NI calculated that he walked more than 64 km alone through main roads and woods.

The charity circulated photos of Cooper on social media and pasted his posters in several areas in hopes of finding him.

On April 22, the organization received a tip-off that Cooper had been spotted walking through fields and hanging around local properties.

Around five days later, they got a call from a local who informed them that the dog has been recognized and they saw him running towards his former home.

Lost Paws IN explained, “We quickly contacted Nigel his new owner, and around 20 minutes later a photo arrived in our inbox of a disheveled but breathing Cooper, something we were absolutely elated to see.”

“Cooper crossed main A-roads, forests, fields, and country roads all over 27 days to make his way back home from an area he had never been in before. We are absolutely delighted to have been part of his rescue and a story that,” they added.

Cooper’s new owner Nigel Fleming said that he was baffled at how the dog survived more than 20 days without coming to human contact or getting hit by traffic.

Meanwhile, the canine is safe and getting used to his new surroundings.

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  1. Akshay Manohar says

    I loved reading the rescue and adoption stories on your blog. It’s so heartwarming to see pets find their forever homes and get the love and care they deserve.

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