5 heritage spots in India that are a must visit

Heritage Week in India, a tribute to the nation’s cultural tapestry, heritage spots in India celebrated from 19th to 25th November.

New Delhi: Heritage Week in India, a tribute to the nation’s cultural tapestry, heritage spots in India celebrated from 19th to 25th November. Aimed to promote awareness and appreciation of India’s diverse heritage, the occasion provides an opportunity for one to delve into India’s architectural marvels.

Now is the time to revel in the glory of India’s culture, traversing through time to explore quaint homes that will take you back to a bygone era. From royal havelis to ancient villas, discover accommodations that offer not just a place to stay, but a chance to live amidst the living history of this diverse and vibrant nation.

For a guide on some of the best heritage homes across the county, check out Soul of India, a microsite on the Airbnb platform dedicated to heritage homes, featuring dwellings that can be booked to experience India’s deep-rooted culture first-hand, as part of a signed MoU with the Tourism Ministry of India. Pack your bags and embark on this unique journey now!

Savor Shimla’s Crisp Winter Air at this Heritage Bungalow:

Step into the heart of the city and discover a piece of Shimla’s history in this 1870s dwelling. Once home to the Nawab of Lahore, this is among Shimla’s oldest houses, nestled along a peaceful forest trail. Staying here is like journeying back in time, immersing yourself in the comfort and allure of treasured, time-honored objects passed down through generations. With its rich history and undeniable charm, this house invites you to relive its stories in a tranquil setting.

Immerse yourself in the serene atmosphere of Srinagar, at Khanda Kothi:

In a charming nook of Gogji Bagh, Srinagar, Kashmir, discover the Khanda Kothi—a Heritage House with a history spanning 50 years. Enjoy the sun and stunning views of the Zabarwan Mountains from the expansive front lawn. This Neo Kashmiri-style dwelling in Civil Lines showcases traditional Kashmiri arts, boasting Khamtamband Wooden Ceilings crafted from Himalayan Fir without the use of nails.

Flip the pages of history at the Nellari Heritage Bungalow, Valannoor, Kerala:

Nestled in the heart of a vast rubber plantation, Nellari Heritage Bungalow offers you a unique and serene connection with nature. Originally built by the British during colonial times, this bungalow seamlessly blends old-world British charm with modern style, creating a distinct flavor that sets it apart. Take a calming trek through the plantation to escape the hustle of daily life. As you step through the entrance, a grand hallway unveils the beauty of colonial British architecture, leading you to the dining hall and four cozy bedrooms. It’s tastefully done décor and its tranquil surroundings are sure to teleport you to simpler times!

Experience a life of no worries at the Waterfront Heritage Villa, Kumarakom, Kerala:

Set on a small, beautiful island, this farm spans 35 acres and is one of the largest farms on the island. Built in the early 1950’s by the previous generation of the current hosts, this Heritage Villa lies on the banks of the serene Vembanad lake. Decorated with antiques that have been collected over a period of time, it also includes some beautifully carved and crafted doors and windows that will make you feel one with nature amid the serenity of the peaceful backwaters.

Rediscover the Indo-Portuguese Way of Life at Villa Lou, Goa:

Step into the charm of Villa Lou, an exclusive old Portuguese house boasting a private pool. This authentic Goan villa invites you to a heritage experience, nestled in a lush garden adorned with palms and exotic plants. Adorned with rustic Indian furniture, the villa offers a blend of simplicity and sophistication for an unforgettable stay.

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