Yellow watermelon farming in Odisha’s Mayurbhanj district

Baripada: Yellow watermelon farming in Odisha is turning into a lucrative business for local farmers. Mainly, this farming has been seen in Mayurbhanj district of Odisha where farmers are earning huge profit, say reports. They are making double the profit and earning in lakhs.

Reportedly, the demand for yellow watermelon, which is said to be of foreign origin, is increasing in Odisha. The farmers of Danitamuha Khadisol panchayat under Baripada block in Mayurbhanj district are cultivating these watermelons in merely two and a half months and selling them in nearby areas like Balasore and West Bengal to reap massive profits.

As the profits are doubling, more than 18 farmers are cultivating 4 different types of foreign watermelon over 20 acres of land. Farmers are investing in thousands, and within two and a half months they are earning in lakhs.
Previously, these farmers used to cultivate sweetcorn and baby corn. But now, they are cultivating different types of foreign watermelons like Saraswati, Arohi, and Bisala which are being sold for 35-40 rupees per kilogram. Recently, they have added musk melon to the collection which is 70 rupees per kilogram.

Moreover, the investment per acre of watermelon is Rs 50-60 thousand and the return is around Rs 1 lakh to 1 lakh 20 thousand.

The seeds are sowed towards the end of December, and by March 15 they are ready for harvest.
By investing in the right produce, these farmers have set an example for all of us that having a plan and having the perseverance to execute that plan will have fruitful results.

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