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Who made the first electric fan in the world?

Electric fans have played a crucial role in making our lives more comfortable by tackling the ruthless heat of the summer season. But have you ever wondered who made the first electric fan in the world?

Who invented the electric fan?

The first electric fan in the world was created by an engineer named Dr Schuyler Skaats Wheeler in 1886. He also created the electric fire engine and specialised in making electric tools that were power efficient.

The fan was small in size, had two blades made out of brass, and was powered by direct current. However, it was incredibly dangerous as it did not have any protective cage like modern table fans do.

History of fans

Before electric fans, there were mechanical fans like hand fans that had to be operated manually. Many of the earlier designs for mechanical fans came from China.

A Chinese craftsman named Ding Huan invented the rotatory fan. One person manually operated it and was more efficient than a hand fan as it could cool a larger area.

During the Tang Dynasty, people invented hydraulic-powered fans.

In 1849, a steam-powered fan was created by William Brunton. Later on, with the spread of electricity, electric fans came into being.

When did electric fans come to India?

Crompton Greaves, a joint venture between Greaves Cotton of India and Crompton Parkinson of England, launched India’s first electric fan in 1906.

Modern-day electric fans and air conditioners

Electric fans were very popular until the 1950s. This is when people switched over to air condensers. But soon after, electric fans made a comeback in the 1970s due to an increase in energy prices.

These days we have many choices when it comes to cooling our homes. Air conditioners and ceiling fans have become essential devices in our homes, offices, and public spaces.

Technology has come so far that we even have bladeless fans these days.

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