Uncertainty Looms Over Flight Services From Rourkela Airport, watch

The authorities have admitted that due to the cloudy weather, the flights are being delayed from time to time

Rourkela: Even though the State of Odisha is yet to receive rains in abundance this year, the flights to Rourkela are frequently getting cancelled. It has been experienced in the past few days. The authorities are forced to operate only one flight run by Alliance Airlines, which is sometimes cancelled and sometimes delayed.

This single flight is often diverted while traveling from Rourkela to Bhubaneswar. Besides, the flight is often getting delayed. Apart from that many a times landing and take-off of the planes at this airport is getting affected due to cloudy weather and rain.

Keeping in view the Hockey World Cup, the state government put a strong demand to the central government for air transport to the steel city of Rourkela. Accordingly, the long-standing demand of the people of Rourkela was fulfilled.

The demand of the people of Rourkela for regular flights from Rourkela city was fulfilled before the Hockey World Cup. However, due to lack of proper infrastructure at the airport, air traffic can’t be regularized.

And hence there has been dissatisfaction among the passengers.

The number of passengers is gradually decreasing. Local residents have expressed concern about that. They have asked the state government to put the demands before the central government for the improvement of infrastructure of this Airport.

Smart cities like Rourkela have a unique identity in the industrial map of India. The Chief Minister organized Hockey World Cup and introduced the city to the whole world. After connecting such an industrially rich city by air, there is a threat of suspension of air traffic due to minor reasons. It has been demanded that the central government should take steps so that regular air services can be provided for the economic growth of the entire Western Odisha.

The absence of Instrument landing system (ILS) at Rourkela airport shows the step motherly attitude of the central government and airport authorities towards the city. I will discuss this matter with the Central government and give an ultimatum, Rourkela MLA Sarada Naik said. He has warned that if immediate action is not taken in this regard protest will be staged.

Approximately 5 to 6 crore rupees will be spent for the ILS system at the airport. Therefore, this problem can be solved if both central and state governments take joint action.

The authorities have admitted that due to the cloudy weather, the flights are being delayed from time to time. He said that this problem will also continue due to fog in the winter season.

Alliance Airlines started regular ATR-72 flight from Rourkela to Bhubaneswar from January. Initially, 60 to 65 passengers were traveling daily. However, due to several problems the number has dropped and reduced to 35 to 40.

Therefore, letters have been sent to Union Minister for Civil Aviation and Steel Jyotiraditya Scindia by Rourkela Citizen Forum but so far no action has been taken in this regard.

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