Place where Lord Sudarshan’s Daru found in 2015 turns into a famous pitha

Lord Sudarshan gets worshipped along with Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra at the Srimandira of Puri

Bhubaneswar: The place in Khurdha district of Odisha where the Daru (pious wood log) for Lord Sudarshan of Puri had been found during last Navakalebara in 2015 has turned into a prominent pitha over the years. Reportedly, a Lord Jagannath temple is in the making at the said place located at Gadakuntania near Hirapur village in Balakati block of Khurda district.

Lord Sudarshan gets worshipped along with Lord Jagannath, Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra at the Srimandira of Puri. Akin to the trinity of Srimandira, the Nabakalebara of Chakraraj Sudarshan also takes place.

With coming of Nabakalebara, the holy city of Puri becomes active while the feel of devotion grips Shreekhetra. The Daitapati servitors swing to action to identify the holy trees from where the wood log (Daru) will be collected for construction of the new idols of the deities.

After the divine directive received in the dreams given by Maa Mangala the servitors set out to identify the Darus. After they identify the Darus, the cutting (Chhedana) process gets carried out by the administration.

Among the deities, first the process of Daru identification for Chakraraj Sudarshan is carried out.

During the last Nabakalebara in the year 2015 the Daru of Lord Sudarshan had been identified at Gadakuntania. Before the collection of the Daru, a photo of Lord Jagannath was being worshipped here. The servitors had found all the divine symbols in the said tree. The Daitapatis identified this at the daytime and proceeded. Later, the chhedana prakriya (cutting process) had been commenced from 4 am in the dawn. While ample security arrangements had been made, the sacred institutions like yagnya, havan etc. were performed for seven days. A divine atmosphere got created amid chanting of hymns from the Vedas. Following the special worship, the Daru was shifted to Shreekhetra in a cart while this divine procession received glaring felicitation on the way.

At this place, now a magnificent Lord Jagannath temple is being made. Many rituals are being performed across the year here during the worship. Beginning from Snana Purnima to Rath Yatra, every ritual is being carried out here like Shreekhetra. Also, Harinaama Sankirtana is going on every day.

The presence of the Lord is felt in every corner of this place in Gadakuntania that is also close to the famous Chausathi Yogini temple of Hirapur in Balianta block.

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