This electric kit can turn your Honda Active into an electric scooter at a very low cost

The wave of electric vehicles in India has already begun and we can witness many vehicle manufacturers investing heavily on electric vehicle segment. Even though this move is expected to bring a pollution free transportation in the country, a lot of questions arise on their affordability. An electric scooter can cost around Rs 1 lakh in India, and it seems bit uncomfortable for our buyers.

Keeping the affordability factor in mind, Starya Mobility has developed an electric kit which can transform your existing scooter into an electric scooter. All this change will be available at a cost which is half of a new electric scooter. This development was initially reported by rushlane.

According to the company, this electric kit seems to be a right solution for lakhs of users who use scooter for daily commuting. The conversion kit includes a battery along with some other equipment and costs around Rs 39,000.

The conversion kit includes a motor which is 6.0 KW and is connected to a 250A controller. Starya Mobility has patented the motor, and it can offer a range of around 75-80 km. The top speed offered by the motor is 75 kmph and acceleration of 0-40 kmph can be achieved in just 3.7 seconds, claims the company.

Keeping in mind about the rise in petrol prices, it seems that the company might achieve a significant success. However, at the end, it is the customer who will decide the practicality of the kit and will try to install it.

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