Check Gold Rates Today For 24 Carat And 22 Carat In Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar: Gold rates in Bhubaneswar dropped down today.

As on Tuesday, the gold prices for 24 carats/10 grams was recorded Rs 53,290 while 22 carats/10 grams was recorded as Rs.48,850

On Monday, the gold prices for 24 carats/10 grams and 22 carats/ 10 grams were recorded as Rs 53,320 and Rs 48,890 respectively.

On the other hand the rates of silver was recorded as Rs 68,100 per 1 kg.

The opening up of markets in Bhubaneswar after lockdown has caused the yellow metal business to resume again. However business is far from normal as people still prefer to remain indoors due to the looming Covid-19 pandemic.

Gold prices in various cities of India:



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