Tata Safari facelift interior leaked, check

New spy images of the Tata Safari facelift have emerged, showcasing a major overhaul in the SUV's interior design.

New spy images of the Tata Safari facelift have emerged, showcasing a major overhaul in the SUV’s interior design. The upcoming model boasts a contemporary appearance with a layered dashboard featuring a contrasting central section. Notably, the interior is equipped with advanced features that add a touch of luxury to the driving experience.

Interior Highlights:

  • A striking centerpiece is the large floating touchscreen positioned on the center console, enhancing the SUV’s modern appeal.
  • The HVAC controls have been seamlessly integrated into a sleek touch-based unit, streamlining the interior’s aesthetics.
  • For easy accessibility, a rotary dial, likely for drive modes, and a stubby gear lever for the 6-speed automatic transmission, are placed below the touchscreen.
  • The driver’s side showcases an all-new 4-spoke steering wheel, previously seen on the Sierra EV Concept, and a digital instrument cluster, providing vital information at a glance.

While the new interior design by Tata exudes a sense of luxury, some observers have noted a couple of minor drawbacks. The liberal use of piano black surfaces and screens gives the interior a premium appearance but can be prone to fingerprints. Additionally, some users might prefer physical buttons for certain basic functions, which appear to be integrated into the touchscreen or touch-based controls.

Industry insiders suggest that the 5-seater Tata Harrier will also receive a similar interior upgrade, aligning it with the premium features showcased in the Safari facelift. This move is expected to attract a wider audience looking for an upscale driving experience in the compact SUV segment.

Apart from the interior upgrades, both the Tata Safari facelift and the Harrier are set to undergo several design updates on the exterior.

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