Royal Enfield Guerrilla 450 name trademarked in India

Royal Enfield has trademarked a new new name — Guerrilla 450. It could be used for either the roadster or scrambler 450.

Royal Enfield is all set to launch the next-generation Bullet 350 in India on September 1, 2023. Now, the Royal Enfield has trademarked a new name — Guerrilla 450. However, the automobile maker did not specify which upcoming bike will use this name.

Royal Enfield is also preparing to launch of Himalayan 450 in the next few months. The company is planning to introduce multiple models in the 450cc platform including the Himalayan 450. As per reports, the bikes in the segment will be different. The upcoming launches might include a new roadster, cafe racer, scrambler, and a very off-road-focused adventure bike.

However, it is not known which of these upcoming bikes will use the Guerrilla 450 name. However, it is expected that the Royal Enfield Guerrilla 450 trademark could be used for either the roadster or scrambler derivatives of the Himalayan 450.

Meanwhile, the Royal Enfield Roadster 450 was spotted testing in both India and Europe. There are no recent reports on the Scrambler 450 yet. So, there is a high possibility that Guerrilla 450 nameplate could be used for the Roadster 450.

The Himalayan 450 will be the first model to launch in the 450cc segment followed by the Roadster 450 in India. The RE Roadster 450 will likely launch in the country in November 2023.

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