Hero MotoCorp unveils Surge S32: A two-in-one three-wheeler EV that converts into a scooter like a batmobile

Hero MotoCorp has unveiled a new electric three-wheeler Hero surge s32 that can also be turned into a two-wheeler scooter in just three minutes.

Hero MotoCorp has unveiled a new advanced electric three-wheeler that can also be turned into a two-wheeler scooter if needed. The vehicle we are talking about is called Surge S32, it is an innovative electric vehicle (EV) that has been inspired from Batman’s Batmobile. Hero has unveiled the Surge S32 for the urban commuters of India.

Hero has claimed that the Surge S32 can seamlessly convert into a two-wheeler scooter in just three minutes. The unique three-wheeler EV shows the next-level advancement in EV technology.

The three-wheeler EV has all the elements of a conventional three-wheeler cargo vehicle like a front passenger cabin, windscreen, headlights, turn indicators, and windscreen wipers.

A video of the unique EV was shared on X platform by RPG Group chairman Harsh Goenka. The video shows the Surge S32 converting from a three-wheeler to a stunning two-wheeler scooter without any hassle. First the front windshield lifts upwards / vertically. After that the electric scooter can be seen clearly and the vehicle’s cabin transforms swiftly. Then the scooter gets detached from the cargo hold with a spring-loaded double-stand mechanism.

The electric scooter has all the features to enable riders to have a comfortable ride including LED headlights, speedometer, turn indicators, and switchgear. Interestingly, the powertrain is divided for the three-wheeler and the scooter. Each of them has a different power and battery which helps the EV to achieve optimal performance and efficiency.

According to the company, the dynamic EV can reach a top speed of 50 km/h while in the three-wheeler mode and 60 km/h in the scooter. With its versatile adaptability between a three-wheeler and two wheeler, the Surge S32 can be used for both commuting and transporting goods. It can carry a 500 kg load in three-wheeler frame, making it suitable for businesses and delivery drivers navigating congested urban areas.

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