Know which gemstone is for you according to your zodiac sign

There are a variety of reasons why coloured gemstones are always in demand. There are numerous explanations for this, which vary from person to person and even location to location, ranging from their spectacular and sumptuous appearance to their Vedic and Astrological properties. However, some gemstones are deeply connected to each zodiac sign, hence, can highly benefit one if wore accordingly.

Read further to know which gemstone is lucky for you according to your zodiac sign.


Lucky stones for Aries is Garnet, also known as red coral gemstone. Although it is commonly associated with the colour red, these gemstones can be found in almost any colour and are popular choices for jewellery of all types. Spiritually, it is the embodiment of the energies such as fire, passion, creativity, and strength. Aries’ lucky planets are the Sun and the Jupiter, therefore Garnets make the best stone for them and will help them get across their lives.


Opal or Diamond are for the sophisticated Taurus. Ruled by the planets Venus, lucky planets Mercury and Saturn, they are always attracted to luxury and beauty. Opal represents amplification, higher hope and divine purity and are known to bring peace in life. Diamond on the other hand brings clarity in relationships and helps in increasing the romance quotient in this sign.


Gemini’s must look for Jade or Emerald. They are ruled by Mercury and their lucky planets are Venus and Saturn. Therefore, Geminis always have a chaotic mind. These two gemstones help in bringing balance to unnecessary thoughts and emotions. Where Jade is a semi precious gemstone Emerald is a highly precious gemstone, they both are mostly green in colour and bring a sense of calmness.


Lucky gemstones for Cancer are Pearl and Moonstone. Where pearl help channel the energy of moon and brings peace, confidence, courage and calmness, Moonstone is a stone of inner growth and strength. The latter brings emotional stability and helps soothe stress. Pearl brings emotional balance and can also cure insomnia. But if you are looking for self-healing, and are gathering your shattered pieces in life, then go for a moonstone.


The most daring sign too sometimes need some help, even though they don’t accept the fact that they do. There lucky stones are Red Spinel or Yellow Sapphire. The identical twin of Ruby, Red Spinel are one of the most valuable deep red color stone that helps improve blood circulation and eyesight. It also helps set aside ego, and improves devotion in love. Yellow Sapphire on the other hand, too is a twin of ruby and blue sapphire. They represents divine grace and power. Moreover, both the stones help shun anxiety, depression and stress for Leos.


Emerald and Green Tourmaline are considered lucky for Virgos. These gemstones guide individuals through self-realisation. Emerald is a life-affirming stone, it provides inspiration, balance, wisdom and patience. On the other hand, Green Tourmaline attracts luck, success, abundance and prosperity. It also inspires creativity. Virgo’s are ruled by Mercury and their lucky planets are Venus and Saturn, hence, these stones are considered favourable for them.


White Quartz or Diamond goes well with the zodiac sign Libra. White Quartz amplifies intention, diffuses an aura of tranquillity, and brings calmness and peace into one’s energy field and space. Diamond on the other hand, brings clarity, and positive aura. Other healing powers of Diamond includes protection from bad dreams, fighting depression and prevents apoplexy.


For Scorpios, Carnelian or Red Coral are considered lucky gemstones. Carnelian is a brownish-red mineral commonly used as a semi-precious gemstones. It are known for restoring vitality and motivation, as well as it also stimulates creativity. It gives courage and promotes positive life choices. Red Coral on the other hand, helps in overcoming fear and imparts courage. It boosts one’s self-esteem and has amazing healing effects.


Ruby and Yellow Sapphire are considered lucky for Sagittarius. These gemstones helps boost their confidence and promote positive energy. Ruby improves energy and concentration, creativity, loyalty, honour and compassion. On the other hand, Yellow Sapphire represents divine grace and power. It helps improves knowledge, auspicious wealth and loving relationships.


Lucky gemstones for Capricorn are Blue Sapphire or Diamond. These gemstones helps people of this zodiac signs realise their strength. Individually, Blue Sapphire helps one stay in their spiritual path, releases blockage, and provides strength, On the other hand, Diamond imparts fearlessness, invincibility and fortitude. It also stimulates creativity and brings clarity to the mind of the one wearing it.


Iolite or Blue Sapphire are advisable for Aquarius. The energies from these gemstones are known to enhance leadership qualities and help in removing discords in relationships. Iolite, also known as the ‘Vikings’ Compass,’ carries the spirit of journey, dreams, intuition, exploration and illumination. Whereas, Blue Sapphire provides strength and releases blockage.


For Pisces, Natural Pearl is considered a lucky gemstone. Ruled by the planet Jupiter, this zodiac sign is very simple and elegant and so is their lucky gemstone. This gemstones will eliminate fear and anxiety, and inspire one to take on new roles. It will make you realise your true potential.

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