Shani returns after 22 years, These Zodiac Signs will be highly impacted

According to Vedic Astrology, every year is controlled by a certain planet and that decides the list of events that takes place in each zodiac sign. It is not specified, which planet will make turn in which year. Therefore, Astrologers have to wait a whole year to find out the answer to that question.

With April 2 marking the beginning of the Hindu new year, it is discovered that 2022 shall be ruled by the Saturn (Shani). While this planet sits in the throne this year, Jupiter becomes the Minister supporting Saturn’s decisions. The planets will change their zodiac positioning by the month of April 2022.

Saturn is all set to transit in Aquarius on April 29, and will return back to it’s home sign Capricorn on July 12 after becoming retrograde on June 5.

Shani believes in Karma and is a teacher of life. So, try to remember what you have sown in the past years, because you will reap accordingly. The planet has return to the thrown after 22 years, and is ready to bring greater impacts in everyone’s life.

It is believed that all throughout the year Saturn will have enormous effect on all zodiac signs. These signs will see both, rise in their fortune and disappointments, delays and obstructions. Moreover, six zodiac signs in particular will be highly impacted by this year’s planetary cabinet. Read further to know if you are one of them, and what does the year holds for you.


Saturn ring this year is actually be positive for Aries as it is likely to bring luck and prosperity. All those hard work are finally going to get paid off on this period. Look forward to receiving salary increment or incentive. If you are fresher, then good job opportunities are on it’s way. On the other hand, if you are looking forward to start something new, go ahead, the time is on your side. Work will become your priority and you will like to socialise less. Don’t stress too much, even though you are focused and are enjoying your work, take some time out to take care of your health.


Taurus, Saturn sits in the house of your Karma this year. That does not mean that you will have a regretful year, especially if you are good person. Therefore, the planet will bring some good opportunities in your professional life and their is chance you might even get your dream job. If not a new one, then maybe you will observe your bond improving in work place, and you might even add some new and important contacts in your phone. If you have been holding on to any past unresolved issue, that might also see a new light.


Saturn will decide your fate this year, Gemini, as it sits in your house of destiny. It will also bring a radical change in your life. Shani had been sitting in your house of delay for the past two years, resulting in no improvement in both professional and personal life. Those issues will now to resolved, as the planet will opportunities for you and make room to grow. Therefore, if you have any pending projects, give it another shot, the time is right. The year will bring you peace and patience, there are possibilities of travelling overseas for work too. In terms of career and income, you will be able to put your best efforts. You will also be more concerned about your physical and mental health.


You can experience disruption in your work life; might have an unexpected job change or  have to deal with work place concerns which might contribute to unnecessary stress. If you own a company, then you might observe problems in finance. Competitors or hidden foes might have an edge over you. Therefore, try to avoid making any major investments-related choices during the time of transition. Be cautious about how you choose to interact with your partner. The transit will leave a strong impact in your relationship with your in-laws. Bonding with your loved ones will either improve or degrade.


From the past few years you have been dealing with a particular problem, you are likely to finally get relief in this matter. You will begin to take necessary traction in your work life and do as needful. You might even come across opportunities to work overseas. If you own a business, try to limit your debts and keep an eye on your employees. Investing in properties is suggested. Disagreements with spouse, as well as father, can take place.


Your problems will finally put to rest as you will begin to improve in life. Your work life will also improve and your efforts and accomplishments will get recognised. If you have any legal case pending, there will be resolution in it. Solutions to improve your financial situation will come to you. Disputes over inheritance might occur. However, if you are a single child, good news in on its way. For married, your partner’s health requires your attention.


Saturn is focusing in your past life Karma this year, Libra. It mean, you can have a sudden shower of luck and success. If you are student, you might also feel more concentrated at studies resulting in academic improvement. For those planning for higher studies in a different city or country, good opportunities are on it’s way. This is a good time to start a business or a new job as well. However, your health needs your attention from time to time, as that will not be taken care of by the planet.



You have been going through some rough patches in the past years. It might not look big as it comes in tiny instalments. But everytime you look forward to something, you either face delays or could not make up your own mind for continuation. However, that time is over, and now a new phase in life begins. You will now connect with your spiritual self, and take part in more religious acts. For those who are planning to conceive, the time is in your favour. There is an inclination that allows you to convert your hobbies and interests into profession. Financial improvement is on its way.


After completing its transit in Aquarius, Saturn will return back to its home sign on July 12. This will increase cash flow in your life and bring more professional opportunities. Business holder however, may experience a setback, but growth investments will result in benefits. Your home on the other hand will remain peaceful and your relationships with your family and spouse will strengthen. Married couples, if you are planning to have kids then the time is on your side. Give your attention to your parents health and eat healthy.


After spending a long time in its sign Capricorn, Saturn will make home at Aquarius. This will bring improvements in relationships, especially for married couples. On the work front, good opportunities to work on new projects and better environment will knock on your door. All the hard work you have put-in during the past, will give you the results this year. Mostly toward the end of the year, will you be able to eat those fruits from the trees you have been sowing and watering for so long in professional life.


Try to stay low profile and keep your advises to yourself. You might be cautious on what you say or do, but yet you might end up causing harm to many individuals in your immediate vicinity. Taking job offers coming from different countries are a good idea. When it comes to debt, try to keep it in limit. In school or workplace, you will experience stability. You may have to stay away from family due to professional commitments.

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