Viral video reveals Mexican ‘Alien’ turns out to be a cake, Internet reacts hilariously

A video claiming to feature an alien entity found in Mexico to be a cake has taken the internet by storm gaining hilarious reaction.

Mexico: In a quirky turn of events, a video claiming to feature an alien entity found in Mexico has taken the internet by storm. However, it has now been debunked, revealing the ‘extraterrestrial’ to be nothing more than an artfully crafted cake.

Social media erupted in laughter and disbelief as a video circulated, purportedly showcasing ancient alien remains discovered in Mexico. Images and videos of the slender, otherworldly figure spread like wildfire across platforms such as Instagram and X (formerly known as Twitter), capturing the attention of thousands.

Contrary to the initial claims of mummified non-human entities, it has been confirmed that the bizarre figure is, in fact, a cake. Created by a skilled pastry maker, the ‘alien’ is a cleverly designed coffee cake.

The revelation came from X, where a community note clarified the true nature of the creature in the video. Users were informed that what appeared to be a mummified alien was, in reality, an artful cake creation. The cake artist responsible for this imaginative piece is Ben Cullen, known as @The_Bakeking on X. Cullen, an award-winning cake artist. He is also recognized for his contributions to Netflix’s “Extreme Cake Makers” and has a significant following on YouTube.

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On September 15, a video posted by @The_Bakeking showcased the ‘mummified’ figure being sliced open, exposing chocolate frosting within, conclusively debunking the extraterrestrial claims.

The internet responded to this revelation with a wave of humorous memes, highlighting the unexpected twist in the viral saga. To the video, one user commented, “It was all a lie, a big cake lie.” While another commented, “Would you eat a cake like this?” Meanwhile many asked about the flavour of the cake.

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