Mysterious non-human-like fossils recovered in Mexico: Specimens believed to be million years old

Two enigmatic alien-like corpses, suspected to be of extraterrestrial origin were unveiled within the premises of the Mexican Congress.

Mexico City: In an astonishing event that unfolded in Mexico City, two enigmatic non-human-like corpses, suspected to be of extraterrestrial origin, were unveiled within the premises of the Mexican Congress.

The unveiling ceremony was presided over by Jaime Maussan, a renowned journalist and ufologist, captivating widespread attention as the peculiar “non-human” bodies were exhibited in transparent containers for public scrutiny.

These mummified specimens, believed to have an age surpassing a millennium, were retrieved from the historical city of Cusco, Peru. Notably, the event was co-hosted by scientists, with Ryan Graves, the Executive Director of Americans for Safe Aerospace and a former US Navy pilot, making a significant appearance.

Under oath, Maussan presented his startling findings to members of the Mexican government and esteemed US officials. He explicitly referred to the specimens as “UFO specimens” and revealed that they had undergone recent examination at the Autonomous National University of Mexico (UNAM).

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Scientists at UNAM managed to extract DNA evidence from these peculiar specimens employing radiocarbon dating techniques. Maussan, during his presentation, underscored that these entities defy our comprehension of terrestrial evolution. Surprisingly, these beings were not discovered in the aftermath of a UFO crash, as commonly presumed. Instead, they were unearthed in diatom mines, a type of algae, and subsequently fossilized.

This revelation has sent shockwaves through the global UFO enthusiast community and truth-seekers, igniting fervent discussions about the possibility of life beyond Earth and the existence of extraterrestrial beings.

Preceding this revelation, in July, three witnesses testified before the United States Congress regarding unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP). David Grusch, a former military intelligence officer, disclosed to the House Oversight committee his awareness of a decades-long endeavor to recover and reverse-engineer UFOs that had crashed within the United States during his tenure with the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO). He made the astounding claim that the US government possessed “intact and partially intact” alien vehicles.

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