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Indonesia temporarily bans all liquid medicines after 99 kids die of acute kidney injury


Jakarta: Indonesia has temporarily suspended the circulation of all liquid medicines after 99 children died of acute kidney injury, while 206 cases were detected in 20 provinces, the Health Ministry said

“The number of cases has increased in children since late August, especially those aged less than six years. Some cases are accompanied by symptoms such as diarrhoea, coughing, nausea, or vomiting,” Ministry spokesman Mohammad Syahril told reporters here on Wednesday.

The spokesman emphasised that the cases were not related to Covid-19 vaccines, reports Xinhua news agency.

Recently, about 70 children in Gambia died from acute kidney injury, which were allegedly related to the diethylene glycol and ethylene glycol content in four Indian-made cough syrups.

But Indonesia’s food and drug regulatory agency BPOM confirmed these drugs were not registered in the country.

The authorities said an investigation is underway.

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