India urges Canada to enhance security measures and tackle hate speech at UN meeting

India has proposed recommendations to Canada at UN meeting, urging the country to strengthen measures preventing attacks.

In a diplomatic initiative, India has proposed recommendations to Canada, urging the country to strengthen measures preventing attacks on places of worship and effectively address hate speech. The suggestions were presented during the UN Human Rights Council Review meeting, where insights and recommendations were shared by diplomats from India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka.

Indian diplomat Mohammed Hussain highlighted Canada’s legislative enactments, including the National Housing Strategy Act and the Accessible Canada Act, while addressing the Council. He emphasized the need to fortify domestic frameworks to prevent the misuse of freedom of expression, especially for inciting violence.

India’s recommendations to Canada encompass preventing the activities of extremist groups, safeguarding places of worship for religious and racial minorities, and bolstering measures to combat hate crimes and hate speech.

Bangladesh acknowledged Canada’s progress in human rights protection but recommended intensified efforts against racism, hate speech, hate crimes, and discrimination, particularly against migrants and Muslim minorities. Additionally, Bangladesh urged measures to reduce carbon emissions and international cooperation to address climate change impacts.

Sri Lanka proposed that Canada accede to the Convention on the Protection of Rights of All Migrant Workers and take measures against racial discrimination affecting immigrant’s rights. The diplomat also emphasized countering misinformation against minority communities and strengthening the national mechanism for reporting on human rights recommendations.

This diplomatic exchange follows recent tensions between India and Canada, with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accusing India of violating the Vienna Convention. Trudeau alleged Indian involvement in the killing of Sikh separatist leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar. The standoff led to Canada pulling out diplomats from India and halting visa services in several consulates.

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