Drunk man forces plane to land, fined for $16,000

Ottawa, Canada: Drunk man travelling from Calgary to London forced the pilot to dump fuel to land safely. His rash behaviour resulted in an arrest and eventually getting fined for $16,000.

David Stephen Young had a round of six alcoholic beverages he drank before his flight from Calgary to London.

Young, a British national, tried to access the restroom during takeoff and became belligerent with the flight crew and a passenger, the paper said, citing court documents.

Passengers and the crew “were left shaken and threatened by [Young’s] behaviour” that was “verbally aggressive,” according to the court documents.

The fine from court came after he pleaded guilty last week to resisting arrest and failing to comply with safety instructions during the fight, according to USA Today.

The court also asked WestJet (the flight that he took from Calgary to London) to file a separate civil lawsuit for damages against the drunk man.

Young apologized about the “damage and inconvenience” of his behaviour, USA Today reported. His attorney did not return a request for comment. WestJet declined to comment.

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