Dashcam captures horrifying moment of Private Jet crash on Malaysian Motorway, Watch

The video of private jet crash onto a bustling motorway in Malaysia, resulting in the loss of 10 lives is going viral on the internet.

A tragic incident unfolded as a private jet crashed onto a bustling motorway in Malaysia, resulting in the loss of 10 lives. The incident was caught on a driver’s dashcam, capturing the terrifying moment of impact.

The shocking crash occurred when a private jet, which had departed from Langkawi International Airport, crashed on a busy Malaysian motorway. Among the victims were eight individuals who were aboard the ill-fated aircraft—six passengers and two flight crew members.

“For now, I can say at least 10 people were killed in the plane crash. Two passing motorists — one in a car and one on a motorcycle — also perished together with the eight on board the plane,” police told to AFP.

The horrifying moment of the crash was captured by a driver’s dashcam, revealing the sequence of events as the aircraft descended onto the motorway. The footage serves as a grim reminder of the suddenness and severity of the incident. Visuals from the crash site showed debris scattered around and houses could be seen in the background.

Authorities swiftly responded to the scene, launching an investigation into the cause of the crash.


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