China to Unveil First Woman Robot News Presenter

China has recently unveiled the world’s first female Artificial Intelligence (AI) news presenter named Xin Xiaomeng. The AI anchor will debut in March. The announcement was made by China’s Xinhua News Agency and the search engine Shougou Company.

Xin Xiaomeng is the first female AI news presenter in the world. Earlier in 2018 the first male AI news presenter named Qui Hao, was introduced by China.

China’s Xinhua News Agency and the search engine Shougou Company have together collaborated to develop the latest woman AI news anchor.

As per reports, China’s experiment with AI reporters and journalists has been going on for some years. In 2012, the University of Science and Technology of China started developing a woman robot by the name ‘Jia Jia’.

The robot was unveiled in 2017 when she took questions from AI expert and Wired co-founder Kevin Kelly. The interaction was filmed and released by Xinhua.

However, the result was not satisfactory. The robot came up with awkward conversation. Even it was found that the AI journo was inept to answering questions with speed and clarity.

So, a doubt arose regarding the success of AI journo whether it can compete with a human or not as journalism relies on human instincts and discretion of the journalist.

Not only China but even the US is reportedly working on this sector. As per reports, Google has started taking an interest.

Every field including journalism is adopting the technology. And after the advent of AI news presenters question arises how it will affect the Indian news sector. It is time now to wait and watch how far the AI news presenter is getting success.

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