Camel walks 100 km for 7 days in desert to reach old owner: Watch

Not only humans, even animals are bind to love and affection. This has been proved in case of a camel that walked 100 km for long seven days in the desert to reach to its old owner. The event took place in inner Mangolia.

A video related to this unusual happening has gone viral online.

As per reports, after getting old the said camel had been sold by its earlier owner about 8 months back. However, the loyal camel could not stay at the new owner’s place and tried to return back to its old owner. Earlier it had made a few attempts in this regard. Yet, finally the animal could successfully reach to its old owner after walking 100 kms in 7 days.

After the journey the camel was covered in scars after crossing sharp fences and busy highways besides the desert.

As per local media, after walking for seven days, the camel was spotted by a local herdsman. He took him home and tried to find its owner. He managed to contact the most recent owner. However, when the former owner learned about the camel’s painful journey to reach him, he decided to buy back the animal. They agreed on the deal of exchanging a three-year-old female camel for the homesick animal.

The former owners said that they plan to keep the camel and let it roam freely outdoors. “We won’t do anything to it. I would not sell it for anything,” they reportedly told Pear Video.

A special ceremony was also done to mark the reunion of the loyal camel and its masters.

Video Courtesy: BBC World News

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