An Earth where humans can live up to 3158 years!

An Earth where humans can live up to 3158 years has been discovered by scientists! Even though the information sounds like a dialogue from science fiction it is in fact true. A planet similar to our earth has been discovered by an international team of scientists, led by astrophysicist Laetitia Delrez. Moreover, the planet is around 100 light years away and circles around a star that is significantly smaller than our sun.

According to the research, a star named TOI-4306 is circled by two planets one of which is quite similar to our Earth. The planet similar to earth is called LP 890-9b or TOI-4306b is about 30% bigger than Earth. On the other hand, TOI-4306 has half the temperature of our sun but is 6.5 times smaller than our Sun. TOI-4306b completes an orbit around TOI-4306 in a time period of 2.7 days.

The time taken by TOI-4306b to complete an orbit is way less than our planet taking around Sun. If we consider the current average life expectancy of human (i.e. 73.5 years), the average life expectancy on the planet TOI-4306b would be 9943 years.

TOI-4306b was initially discovered by NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS). TESS is a space mission that is involved in the search of exoplanets in nearby orbiting stars. Exoplanets, are those planets that are discovered outside of our solar system. However, they are not suitable for life forms as they are either too hot or too cold.

The international team of researchers at the University of Liege used their ground-based telescopes to confirm the presence TOI-4306b planet. The team used SPECULOOS (Search for habitable Planets Eclipsing Ultra-cool Stars) telescopes for this purpose. The team used these telescopes to detect another planet called LP 890-9c or SPECULOOS-2c. The planet is around 40 percent larger than Earth and orbits around its star in just 8.5 days. This roughly means that an average human being will have a life expectancy of 3158 years. This planet might have conditions that can support life, suggested the report.

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  1. User says

    Creating an account just to point out the guess that turned out to be correct and to highlight how you are misleading people with dumb click baits, you’re in luck because India’s education system is not that great and still there are many with improper education. Your job is to propagate space science in a way that inspires the next generation and not disappoints them with such lame facts.

  2. Michael Donovan says

    100 light years and each light year would take approximately?
    I’m therfore thinking we are millions and millions of miles from reality?

    Given each light year would be an approximate 75 years traveling through each light year.

    The reality therfore we will never have such capability of leaving planet earth.

    I will make this statement as it is a reality of consiounce better they whom waste billions and trillions making this world planet earth a place of habibility.

    We are as a planet going to be extinct humanity will without question distroy itself and the world will Ingulf itself into an inferno of distruction we are on course to crash out of the solar system.

    Where earth will be no more.

    It’s therfore fair to say humanity should learn from past extinctions this world we call earth is a catolist for total distruction in about a million years from now.

    Best we create a world where all humanity can thrive within but given thought to the artical.

    I would be happy to go at G force with all supplies needed even to live a 1000yrs with many wives so I can conolise.

    But to live 3158yrs I would need 3158 wives in order to be truly happy.

  3. Michael Donovan says

    Just to add can anyone explain how passport and control would work.

    Can someone explain the threat of nuclear war.

    Can someone explain why billions starve from malnutrition globally yet science and the riches of the world can’t cure a pimple on there buttocks but talk so much crap about 100s of light years away.

    I love reading articles of significance important yet humanity talks so much gobble de gook of light years away.

    But would prefer spending billions trillions on far away planets we wouldn’t rech in one light year never mined 100 light years.

    What pisses me of humanity is selfish insubordanant greedy selfish disrespectful it’s like saying let there be hunger famine who cares.

    Yet we live in the 21st centry and yet have learned nothing of humanity’s right to exist on planet earth.

    This my good humans should be a reality check for you all.

    We will all frequent death rich or poor when your time is up it’s up wealth won’t mean a thing when someone else will frequent it and possibly piss it up against the wall.

  4. Abhinay says

    Really, this was possibly the most annoying clickbait I’ve ever seen. If you are going to write scientific articles, the least you could do is make them genuine. This one is going to make me feel hesitant to click on a kalinga TV article in the future even if I find the title interesting.

  5. Gerhard says

    Oh my. What hogwash. The fact that the planet travels much faster around its sun does not mean we would live +3000 years there. We would live exactly the same time biologically. So in this example the +3000 years is exactly the same biological period us this earths 73 years.

  6. Vic says

    In every age there are always many nay sayers these doubters are unhappy minds individuals who choose doomsday over happy life right here on earth

  7. Randy says

    Why the earth people can’t love is others to live lobg lives

  8. Anthony Zammit says

    You forgot to mention that people who live on that planet will celebrate their birthday (1 year) every 2.7 days or every 55 hours. Puppets

  9. Ashok jain says

    We need to believe this, law of life on planet depends on several factors within & surrounding planet, it may take few thousand years for humans to travel many light years and reach super earth
    Remember our ancestors had never thought world what we are today
    As necessity is mother of all Inventions


    Why bother about living such a long life in a planet so far away. Any way that planet would not like humans because they would exploit all it’s resources to enrich themselves and not protect it.

  11. Donna McNamee says

    Thank you for explaining human life expectancy and why that would not change — assuming man could even travel there, which he can’t!

  12. Charles Salisbury says

    These so called scientists do not actually know if we can live on this far away planet or even if there is life there apart from the fact that its impossible to go there anyway and actual humans will probably never get out of our own solar system and there’s no point anyway even if we could as we can’t look after this planet or ourselves without going to war or the greedy minority who own most of the wealth while millions starve or die in poverty so this article is pointless

  13. Jane says

    What a load of bs!!! Such poor journalism with this clickbait headline…atleast headline it properly

  14. Avner says

    I see a lot of ignorant people in the comments section, from”Your job is to propagate space science in a way that inspires the next generation and not disappoints them with such lame facts.”
    And “We are as a planet going to be extinct humanity will without question distroy itself and the world will Ingulf itself into an inferno” to “we live in the 21st centry and yet have learned nothing of humanity’s right to exist on planet earth.”

    It’s not the job of astronomy and space scientists to look at our planet or behavior but to look out into space and and learn about our solar system and beyond.
    This self-centered approach is crippling, both to the mind and the people that dare to dream.

  15. Sabrena Campbell says

    We continually waste trillions and trillions of dollars, looking for the impossible, when with those monies/resources invested carefully and intelligently into cleaning up and clearing out the rubbish we have inflicted on our own life giving planet Earth, in the here and now we could realistically create a world fit for all our inhabitants to live in peace and love and equality. When we get our own home in order, there will be plenty of time for outer space exploration. Furthermore, who would really want or welcome our human race at it’s current level of intelligence, landing uninvited in far superior worlds, with our shocking territorial histories, greed and lack of care and disrespect for the invaluable resources Earth continues to produce against all the odds.

  16. Pearlie says

    3000+ year’s seems to be true and unhappy.
    TOI-4306b would be filled with human life.
    Babies born everyday so many wives and husbands cause to the hell you wouldn’t be happy for 3000 plus year with one person.
    But what if it was true, but we should be grateful for living for 80+ years on Earth.

  17. Leo says

    The fact that the planet is much bigger than Earth tells me that people would be almost unable to walk and have to crawl there. The huge gravity force would dramatically reduce their life span creating a bunch of life-threatening conditions. The fact that the planet turns around it’s Sun faster doesn’t mean that people would live longer there. This article must be published on the 1st of April. You are too impatient!

  18. RR donepudi says

    Planets may contain somekind of objects with movement ,can they be Call as life beings and it’sappearance may like under unexpected designe like ants or.elephants,or more may not we human beings benifit any thing except knowledge by this effort.This isonly baseless thought.Thanks .expectation

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